Fitting epicurves

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To illustrate the trend fitting functionality of i2extras we will use the simulated Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak data from the outbreaks package.

Loading relevant packages and data


raw_dat <- ebola_sim_clean$linelist

For this example we will restrict ourselves to the first 20 weeks of data:

dat <- incidence(
    date_index = "date_of_onset",
    interval = "week",
    groups = "gender"
)[1:20, ]
plot(dat, angle = 45, border_colour = "white")

Modeling incidence

We can use fit_curve() to fit the data with either a poisson or negative binomial regression model. The output from this will be a nested object with class incidence2_fit which has methods available for both automatic plotting and the calculation of growth (decay) rates and doubling (halving) times.

out <- fit_curve(dat, model = "poisson", alpha = 0.05)
plot(out, angle = 45, border_colour = "white")

To unnest the data we can use unnest() (a function that has been reexported from the tidyr package.

unnest(out, estimates)

fit_curve() also works nicely with grouped incidence2 objects. In this situation, we return a nested tibble with some additional columns that indicate whether there has been a warning or error during the fitting or prediction stages.

grouped_dat <- incidence(
    date_index = "date_of_onset",
    interval = "week",
    groups = "hospital"
)[1:120, ]

out <- fit_curve(grouped_dat, model = "poisson", alpha = 0.05)

# plot with a prediction interval but not a confidence interval
plot(out, ci = FALSE, pi=TRUE, angle = 45, border_colour = "white")

We provide helper functions, is_ok(), is_warning() and is_error() to help filter the output as necessary.

out <- fit_curve(grouped_dat, model = "negbin", alpha = 0.05)
unnest(is_warning(out), fitting_warning)

Rolling average

We can add a rolling average, across current and previous intervals, to an incidence2 object with the add_rolling_average() function:

ra <- add_rolling_average(grouped_dat, n = 2L) # group observations with the 2 prior
plot(ra, border_colour = "white", angle = 45) +
    geom_line(aes(x = date_index, y = rolling_average))

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