Man pages for iClick
A Button-Based GUI for Financial and Economic Data Analysis

boxPlotXBox-Whisker plot.
calendarHeatCalendar Heapmap Plot
cumulatedPlotXCumulative returns plot.
cutAndStackCut and Stack Plotting Function
drawdownPlotXDrawup Returns Plots
drawupPlotXDrawup Returns Plots
drawupsCalculate Drawup Returns for Drawup Plot
FFplusMOMData of Fama-French beta of 811 listed companies of SSEC
IBMDaily Price Data of IBM
iClick.ARIMAiClick GUI for ARIMA
iClick.GARCHiClick Output GUI for Univariate GARCH Models
iClick.lmiClick GUI for linear model
iClick-packageA Button-based GUI for Financial and Economic Data Analysis
iClick.VisAssetPriceVisualize Daily Asset Price
iClick.VisOneReturnsVisualize Asset Returns
qqnormPlotXQQ Plot
returnsDaily24Daily Returns Data of 24 Markets
seriesPlotXPlot Time Series Data
VIF_noVIF test for mullticolinearity
world20Close Price Data of twenty national market indices
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