Man pages for iNZightTools
Tools for 'iNZight'

add_suffixAdd suffix to string
aggregateDataAggregate data by categorical variables
aggregatedtAggregate datetimes
appendrowsAppend row to the dataset
codeGet Data's Code
collapseLevelsCollapse data by values of a categorical variable
combineCatVarsCombine categorical variables into one
convertToCatConvert numeric variables to categorical
convert_to_datetimeConvert to datetime
countMissingCount missing values
createNewVarCreate new variables
create_varnameCreate variable name
deleteVarsDelete variables
extract_partExtract part of a datetimes variable
filterLevelsFilter data by levels of a categorical variables
filterNumericFilter data by levels of a numeric variables
filterRandomRandom sampling without replacement
filterRowsFilter data by row numbers
fitDesignFit a survey design
fitModelFit models
grapes-notin-grapesAnti value matching
import_surveyImport survey information from a file
iNZightToolsTools for data processing with iNZight
is_catIs factor check
is_dtIs datetime check
is_numIs numeric check
is_previewIs Preview
is_surveyCheck if object is a survey object (either standard or...
is_svydesignCheck if object is a survey object (created by svydesign())
is_svyrepCheck if object is a replicate survey object (created by...
joindataJoin data with another dataset
load_rdaLoad object(s) from an Rdata file
make_namesMake unique variable names
make_surveyMake a survey object
missingToCatConvert missing values to categorical variables
newdeviceOpen a New Graphics Device
pipePipe operator
print.inzsvyspecPrint iNZight Survey Spec
rankVarsRank the data of a numeric variables
read_metaRead CSV with iNZight metadata
read_textRead text as data
renameLevelsRename the levels of a categorical variable
renameVarsRename column names
reorderLevelsReorder a categorical
reshape_dataReshaping dataset from wide to long or from long to wide
save_rdaSave an object with, optionally, a (valid) name
selectVarsSelect variables from a dataset
separateSeparate columns
sheetsList of available sheets from a file
smart_readiNZight Smart Read
sortVarsSort data by variables
stackVarsStack variables
standardizeVarsStandardize the data of a numeric variable
stringConcatenationstr_c operator
tidy_all_codeiNZight Tidy Code
transformVarTransform data of a numeric variable
uniteUnite columns in a dataset
url_to_tempDownload URL to temp file
validation_detailsDetails of Validation Rule Results
validation_summaryValidation Confrontation Summary
vartypeGet variable type name
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