Man pages for iRegression
Regression Methods for Interval-Valued Variables

bivarBivariate Symbolic Regression Method
Cardiological.CRCardiological Interval Data Set (Centre and Range)
Cardiological.MinMaxCardiological Interval Data Set
ccrmConstrained Centre and Range Method
cmCentre Method
coef.bivarExtract the Coefficients for the Bivariate Symbolic...
coef.ccrmExtract the Coefficients for the Constrained Centre and Range...
coef.crmExtract the Coefficients for the Centre and Range Method
coef.MinMaxExtract Coefficients for the MinMax Method
crmCentre and Range Method
fitted.bivarExtract Bivariate Symbolic Regression Method Fitted Values
fitted.ccrmExtract Constrained Centre and Range Method Fitted Values
fitted.cmExtract Centre Method Fitted Values
fitted.crmExtract Centre and Range Method Fitted Values
fitted.MinMaxExtract MinMax Method Fitted Values
iRegression-packageRegression Methods for Interval-Valued Variables
MinMaxMinMax Method
print-iRegressionPrint Values for various iRegression methods
residuals.bivarExtract Bivariate Symbolic Regression Method Residuals
residuals.ccrmExtract Constrained Centre and Range Method Residuals
residuals.cmExtract Centre Method Residuals
residuals.crmExtract Centre and Range Method Residuals
residuals.MinMaxExtract MinMax Method Residuals
soccer.bivarSoccer Interval Data Set
summary.bivarSummarizing Bivariate Symbolic Regression Method Fits
summary.ccrmSummarizing Constrained Centre and Range Method Fits
summary.cmSummarizing Centre Method Fits
summary.crmSummarizing Centre and Range Method Fits
summary.MinMaxSummarizing MinMax Method Fits
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