Man pages for ibb
R Wrapper for Istanbul Municipality Open Data Portal

call_data_ibbFundamental Call Function
change_language_to_englishChange Language to English
get_all_data_sourcesGet All Data Sources
get_all_detailed_infoGet Info on All Data Sources
get_data_frame_ibbGet Data Frame from Resource ID Value
get_detailed_info_on_data_sourceGet Info on a Data Source
get_environmental_monitoring_and_control_dataEnvironmental Monitoring and Control Data Based on Location...
get_ibb_wifi_daily_data_usageibbWiFi Daily Data Usage
get_ibb_wifi_daily_new_subscribersibbWiFi Daily New Subscribers
get_ibb_wifi_new_subscribers_by_locationibbWiFi New Subscribers by Location
get_iski_call_center_complaint_statsWater Outage Complaints and Response Numbers by District in...
get_ispark_locationsGet ISPARK Locations
get_park_garden_green_area_dataPark, Garden and Green Area Data for 2019
ibb_data_sourcesList of Data Sources
ibb-packageibb: R Wrapper for Istanbul Municipality Open Data Portal
pipePipe operator
set_query_limitSet Query Limit
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
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