This package contains several utility functions related to incomplete block designs. The package contains function to generate efficient incomplete block designs with given numbers of treatments, blocks and block size. The package also contains function to generate an incomplete block design with specified concurrence matrix. There are functions to generate balanced treatment incomplete block designs and incomplete block designs for test versus control treatments comparisons with specified concurrence matrix. Package also allows performing analysis of variance of data and computing least square means of factors from experiments using a connected incomplete block design. Tests of hypothesis of treatment contrasts in incomplete block design set up is supported.

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AuthorB N Mandal <mandal.stat@gmail.com>
Date of publication2014-09-08 06:58:26
MaintainerB N Mandal <mandal.stat@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

A_eff: A-efficiency of a binary incomplete block design

A_eff.NNP: A-efficiency of a proper binary incomplete block design

A_eff_tc: A-efficiency of incomplete block design for test vs...

aov.ibd: Analysis of variance, least square means and contrast...

bibd: Balanced incomplete block design for given parameters

btib: balanced treatment incomplete block design

btib1: balanced treatment incomplete block designs

ccmat: Concurrence matrix for given v, b and k

ccmat_LP: Concurrence matrix for given v, b and k

check.orthogonality: Orthogonality of rows of a given matrix

check.validity.NNP: Whether a given matrix is concurrence matrix or not

Cmatrix: Information matrix from given incidence matrix of a block...

D_eff: D-efficiency of a binary incomplete block design

design_to_N: block design to incidence matrix

do.exist.NBIB: Existence of a nearly balanced incomplete block design given...

ibd: Incomplete block design for given v,b and k and optionally,...

ibddata: Data from an experiment using incomplete block design

ibdgen: Generate an incidence matrix for given v,b,k, and concurrence...

ibdtvc: incomplete block design for test vs control(s) comparions

interchange.NNP: Interchange the elements of a concurrence matrix to get...

is.connected: Connctedness of a binary incomplete block design

is.equir: Equi-replicateness a binary incomplete block design

is.orthogonal: orthogonality a block design

is.proper: proper binary incomplete block design

is.vb: Variance balancedness of a binary incomplete block design

is.wholenumber: Whole number or not

LIP: Linear integer programming formulation to update incidence...

NLIP: An alternative approach to obtain a block design with...

N_to_Design: incidence matrix from given block design


A_eff Man page
A_eff.NNP Man page
A_eff_tc Man page
aov.ibd Man page
bibd Man page
btib Man page
btib1 Man page
ccmat Man page
ccmat_LP Man page
check.orthogonality Man page
check.validity.NNP Man page
Cmatrix Man page
D_eff Man page
design_to_N Man page
do.exist.NBIB Man page
ibd Man page
ibddata Man page
ibdgen Man page
ibdtvc Man page
interchange.NNP Man page
is.connected Man page
is.equir Man page
is.orthogonal Man page
is.proper Man page
is.vb Man page
is.wholenumber Man page
LIP Man page
NLIP Man page
N_to_design Man page

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