nsclc: Results from a compound screen on 84 NSCLC cell lines.

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For purpose of computational, lesion-based prediction of compound activity in 84 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cell lines, these were treated with a selection of compounds to measure the respective concentration where 50 per cent of cell growth was inhibited after a predefined time period. Most of the screening experiments were performed on 384 (16 x 24)-well plates, were the experimental setup was designed according to the arrangement in the files "mpi384_measure.txt", "mpi384_control.txt" and "mpi384_dilution.txt" that are installed together with the package.

These data sets are the direct output from a signal reader of the 384-well plates for the A549, Calu1, H322 and H2429 cancer cell lines selected from the 84 NSCLC cell lines collection. A tab-delimited version is installed together with the package.


Frommolt P, Thomas RK (2008): Standardized high-throughput evaluation of cell-based compound screens. BMC Bioinformatics, 9(1): 475

Sos ML, Michel K, Zander T, Weiss J, Frommolt P, et al. (2009): Predicting drug susceptibility in non-small cell lung cancers based on genetic lesions. J Clin Invest, 119(6): 1727-40

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