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This data set features calibration weights for the sample test of dataPop (using margins tables table_margins_1 and table_margins_2). Calibration is is computed using the SAS Macro Calmar2, for test purposes. Only the 718 responding units are taken into account.




718 rows, one per unit in the sample. 1 column "ident", with a unique id for every unit in the sample 3 methods of calibration are used (linear, raking, and logit with bounds LO=0.1 and UP=2.0 and parameter ECHELLE=0) for two different margins tables table_margins_1 and table_margins_2, which results in 7 columns of weights.


Antoine Rebecq


Le Guennec, J., and Sautory, O. (2002). Calmar 2: Une nouvelle version de la macro calmar de redressement d'echantillon par calage. Journees de Methodologie Statistique, Paris. INSEE.

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