icd9cm_billable: list of annual versions of billable leaf nodes of ICD-9-CM

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These are derived from the CMS published updates, with versions 23 to 32 currently available going back to 2004/5. The source files back to version 27 have short and long descriptions. The short descriptions are in ASCII with no special characters, whereas the long descriptions contain accented characters which seem to be interpreted as Unicode, latin-1 or cp1252. This all done during package creation, but can be repeated by package users, including pulling the data from the web pages directly. Despite my best efforts, current locale can give different results, but this packaged data is correct, with some UTF-8 encoded strings.


Format: list of data frames. Each list item is named by the version as a string, e.g. "32". The constituent data frames have columns icd9, shortDesc, and longDesc.



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