Man pages for icd9
Tools for Working with ICD-9 Codes, and Finding Comorbidities

ahrqComorbidAHRQ comorbidities
ahrqComorbidAllAHRQ comorbidities, with HTN, CHF and renal failure subgroups
convertConvert ICD9 codes between formats and structures.
elixComorbidElixhauser comorbidities
elixComorbidNamesComorbidity names
expandRangeWorkerexpand range worker function
factor_Fast Factor Generation
fastIntToStringfast convert integer vector to character vector
generateSysDataGenerate sysdata.rda
icd9AddLeadingZeroesAdd leading zeroes to incomplete ICD codes
icd9Billablelist of annual versions of billable leaf nodes of ICD-9-CM
icd9ChaptersICD-9-CM chapters
icd9ChaptersToMapconvert the chapter headings to lists of codes
icd9CharlsonCalculate Charlson Comorbidity Index (Charlson Score)
icd9ChildrenExpand ICD-9 codes to all possible sub-codes
icd9Comorbidfind comorbidities from ICD-9 codes.
icd9ComorbidDfToMatconvert matrix of comorbidities into data frame, preserving...
icd9ComorbidMatToDfconvert matrix of comorbidities into data frame, preserving...
icd9CondenseCondense ICD-9 code by replacing complete families with...
icd9Countcount ICD codes or comorbidities for each patient
icd9DiffComorbidshow the difference between two comorbidity mappings
icd9DropLeadingZeroesdrop zero padding from decimal ICD-9 code.
icd9ExpandMinorexpand decimal part of ICD-9 code to cover all possible...
icd9ExpandRangetake two ICD-9 codes and expand range to include all child...
icd9Explainexplain ICD9 codes
icd9ExtractAlphaNumericextract alphabetic, and numeric part of icd9 code prefix
icd9FilterInvalidFilter ICD-9 codes by invalidity.
icd9FilterPoaFilters data frame based on present-on-arrival flag
icd9FilterValidFilter ICD-9 codes by validity.
icd9GetChaptersget ICD-9 Chapters from vector of ICD-9 codes
icd9GetMajorGet major (three-digit) part of ICD-9 codes
icd9GetValidinvalid subset of decimal or short ICD-9 codes
icd9GuessIsShortguess whether short or long
icd9HierarchyICD9-CM diagnosis code lookup
icd9InReferenceCodematch ICD9 codes
icd9IsAtest whether elements of vector begin with V, E (or any other...
icd9IsBillableDetermine whether codes are billable leaf-nodes
icd9IsNdo codes belong to numeric, V or E classes?
icd9IsRealCheck whether ICD-9 codes exist
icd9IsValidcheck whether ICD-9 codes are syntactically valid
icd9IsValidMappingvalidate an icd9 mapping to comorbidities
icd9LongToWideconvert ICD data from long to wide format
icd9-packageTools for Working with ICD-9 Codes, and Finding Comorbidities
icd9PoaChoicespresent-on-admission flags
icd9RandomShortgenerate random short-form icd9 E codes
icd9ShortToDecimalConvert ICD-9 codes between short and decimal forms
icd9Sortsort short-form icd9 codes
icd9VanWalravenCalculate van Walraven Elixhauser Score
icd9WideToLongconvert ICD data from wide to long format
logicalToBinaryencode TRUE as 1, and FALSE as 0 (integers)
parseAhrqSasparse AHRQ data
parseElixGenerate Elixhauser comorbidities
parseIcd9ChaptersRead higher-level ICD-9 structure from a reliable web site
parseLeafDescriptionsAllget billable codes from all available years
parseLeafDescriptionsVersionread the ICD-9-CM description data as provided by the Center...
parseQuanDeyoSasparse original SAS code defining Quan's update of Deyo...
parseRtfFifthDigitRangesparse a row of RTF source data for ranges to apply fifth...
parseRtfLinesparse a character vector containing RTF strings
parseRtfYearparse RTF description of entire ICD-9-CM for a specific year
quanDeyoComorbidQuan adaptation of Deyo/Charlson comorbidities
quanElixComorbidQuan adaptation of Elixhauser comorbidities
randomShortIcd9genereate random short icd9 codes
sasDropOtherAssignmentdrop superfluous assignment name when the name is already...
sasExtractLetStringsextract quoted or unquoted SAS string definitions
sasFormatExtractextract assignments from a SAS FORMAT definition.
sasParseAssignmentsget assignments from a character string strings.
stripRtfStrip RTF
strMultiMatchreturn the actual matches from a bracketed regex
vermont_dxde-identified data from public Vermont source for 2013
zip_singleunzip a single file
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