Man pages for icensBKL
Accompanion to the Book on Interval Censoring by Bogaerts, Komarek, and Lesaffre

aidsCohortAIDS Cohort Study on Patients with Hemophilia
aidsCTAIDS Clinical Trial ACTG 181
breastCancerCosmetic Data on Breast Cancer Patients
clayton.copulaCumulative density function of the Clayton copula
contourProbContour Probability
fit.copulaFunction to fit a survival copula
graftHomograft's Survival Times
hivHIV Data on Hemophilia Patients
icbiplotInterval-censored biplot
icsurv2cdfConversion of icsurv objects in a data.frame
kSampleIcensNon-parametric comparison of k survival curves
loglogisticLog-logistic distribution
mastitisData on Mastitis in Dairy Cattle
mobileSurvey on Mobile Phone Purchases
normal.copulaCumulative density function of the normal copula
NPbayesSurvBayesian non-parametric estimation of a survival curve with...
NPICbayesSurvBayesian non-parametric estimation of a survival curve with...
plackett.copulaCumulative density function of the Plackett copula
survfitS.smoothSurvRegSurvivor function for Objects of Class 'smoothSurvReg'
tandmobSignal Tandmobiel Data, Subsample
tandmobAllSignal Tandmobiel Data
yoghurtSensory Shelf Life of Yoghurt
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