Man pages for icesDatras
DATRAS Trawl Survey Database Web Services

checkSurveyOKCheck that a survey name is in the database
checkSurveyYearOKCheck that a survey and year combination is in the database
checkSurveyYearQuarterOKCheck that a survey, year and quarter combination is in the...
getCAdataGet Age-Based Data
getCatchWgtGet Catch Weights
getDatrasDataOverviewSummarize Data Availability
getHHdataGet Haul Data
getHLdataGet Length-Based Data
getIndicesGet Survey Indices
getSurveyListGet a List of All Surveys
getSurveyYearListGet a List of Survey Years
getSurveyYearQuarterListGet a List of Quarters
icesDatras-packageDATRAS Trawl Survey Database Web Services
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