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Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous USGS Data Collection

ie2miscdataie2miscdata: Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous USGS Data...
pmcode_0004100041 Weather
pmcode_0006700067 Tide stage, code
pmcode_0011500115 Sample treatment
pmcode_0130001300 Oil-Grease (Severity)
pmcode_0130501305 Detergent Suds (Severity)
pmcode_0131001310 Gas Bubbles (Severity)
pmcode_0131501315 Sludge: Floating (Severity)
pmcode_0132001320 Garbage, Floating (Severity)
pmcode_0132501325 Algae, Floating Mats (Severity)
pmcode_0133001330 Odor, Atmospheric (Severity)
pmcode_0133501335 Sewage Solids, Fresh, Floating (Severity)
pmcode_0134001340 Fish, Dead (Severity)
pmcode_0134501345 Debris, Floating (Severity)
pmcode_0135001350 Turbidity (Severity)
pmcode_0135101351 Streamflow (Severity)
pmcode_0135501355 Ice Cover, Floating Or Solid (Severity)
pmcode_0411704117 Tether Line Used For Collecting Sample (Yes=1) Codes
pmcode_3167831678 Streptocci, Fecal, Tube Configuration
pmcode_4998649986 Degree Of Decomposition, Soil, Code
pmcode_5027650276 Filter Type, Code
pmcode_5028050280 Water Samples, Code
pmcode_6295562955 Sample Matrix, Code
pmcode_7199571995 Water Use, Primary (Codes)
pmcode_7199671996 Water Use, Secondary (Codes)
pmcode_7199771997 Water Use, Tertiary (Codes)
pmcode_7199871998 Water Use, Quaternary (Codes)
pmcode_7199971999 Sample Purpose (Codes)
pmcode_7200572005 Sample Source (Codes)
pmcode_7200672006 Sampling Condition (Codes)
pmcode_7420074200 Sample Preservation Method, (Codes)
pmcode_8230582305 Atmospheric Deposition Type Bulk, (Codes)
pmcode_8230982309 Contamination Source, Possible (Codes)
pmcode_8239882398 Sampling Method (Codes)
pmcode_8292382923 Atmospheric Deposition Type Wet, (Codes)
pmcode_8406084060 Topography, Physiographic Setting (Codes)
pmcode_8414384143 Well Purging Condition (Codes)
pmcode_8414484144 Well Selection Criteria (Codes)
pmcode_8414584145 Project Component (Codes)
pmcode_8414684146 Land Use, Predominant, Within 200 Feet Of Well, (Codes)
pmcode_8414784147 Land Use, Predominant, Within 0.25 Mile Of Well (Codes)
pmcode_8414884148 Land Use, Predominant Fraction, Within 0.25 Mile Of...
pmcode_8414984149 Land-Use Changes Within Last 10 Years, Within 0.25 Mile...
pmcode_8416484164 Sampler Type, (Codes)
pmcode_8417184171 Sample Splitter Type, Field Code
pmcode_8417284172 Air Sampler Filter Type, Code
pmcode_8417384173 Air Sample Trap Sorbent Type, Code
pmcode_9111291112 Latitude/Longitude Horizontal Datum
pmcode_9111391113 Latitude/Longitude Measurement Method
pmcode_9111491114 Latitude/Longitude Coordinate Accuracy
pmcode_9910099100 Blank, Type Of Solution, Fixed Value Code
pmcode_9910199101 Blank, Source Of Solution, Fixed Value Code
pmcode_9910299102 Blank, Type Of Sample, Fixed Value Code
pmcode_9910399103 Reference Material, Source, Fixed Value Code
pmcode_9910599105 Replicate, Type, Fixed Value Code
pmcode_9910699106 Spike, Type, Fixed Value Code
pmcode_9910799107 Spike, Source, Fixed Value Code
pmcode_9911199111 Quality Assurance Data Type Associated With Sample,...
pmcode_9911299112 Sulfide, Water, Filtered, Field, milligrams Per Liter
pmcode_9932999329 Coliphage, somatic, E. coli C-host, 2-stepenrichment...
pmcode_9933599335 ColipgeF-spec, famp, 2-step,pres(1) abs(2)/ 1 L
pmcode_9959599595 Total coliform, ColilrtPA, wtrprs/abs /1L
pmcode_9959699596 E. coliColilrt PA, water prs/abs /1 L
pmcode_9976699766 Entero- virus, RT pcrpres(1) abs(2) / 50 L
pmcode_9976799767 Reo- virus, RT pcrpres(1) abs(2) / 50 L
pmcode_9976899768 Rota virus, RT pcrpres(1) abs(2) / 50 L
pmcode_9976999769 Hepatitis-A virus, RT pcrpres(1) abs(2) / 50 L
pmcode_9977099770 Norwalk virus, RT pcrpres(1) abs(2) / 50 L
pmcode_9977199771 Calici- virus, RT pcrpres(1) abs(2) / 50 L
tz_codesTimezone (tz) codes
weather_resultsGlobal Engineering Weather Data
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