Man pages for ifultools
Insightful Research Tools

ACVStoPACSComputes partial autocorrelations from autocovariances
aggregateDataTime series aggregation
autoKeyAutomatic key placement
autoTextAutomatic text placement
checkRangeCheck the range of a numeric object
checkScalarTypeCheck for scalar type and class
checkVectorTypeCheck for vector type and class
decibelConversion to decibels
emTypesetting unit
gridOverlayAdd a grid over the existing plot
ilogbInteger truncation of logb output
isVectorAtomicTests whether an object is a vector or not
itCallThin itCall Wrapper to IFULTOOLS Symbols
linearFitLinear regression of a segmented time series
linearSegmentationPiecewise linear segmentation of a time series
logScaleLogarithmically spaced scale vector generation
mergeListMerges the information from two lists
mutilsDistanceMetricL-p metric conversion
mutilsFilterTypeConverts wavelet filter string to MUTILS enum type
mutilsFilterTypeContinuousConverts a continuous wavelet filter string to MUTILS enum...
mutilsSDFSDF evaluation over a discrete uniform grid of frequencies
mutilsTransformPeakTypeConverts wavelet transform local peak type string to MUTILS...
mutilsTransformTypeConverts wavelet transform string to MUTILS enum type
mutilsWSShrinkageFunctionConverts wavelet shrinkage function to MUTILS enum type
mutilsWSThresholdFunctionConverts wavelet shrinkage theshold function to MUTILS enum...
nextDyadicNext integer power of 2
ordinalOrdinal value conversion
prettyPrintListPrints a list of named objects
properCaseCase conversion ala a proper noun
rotateVectorCircularly vector rotation
scaleDataScale numeric data
scaleZoomZoom in on a specified region of a data matrix
solveODENumerical integration of ODEs
sparsestQuadrantEstimates sparsest quadrant in data set
splitplotPartitions plot space into rectangular grid
stackPlotStack plot
stringSizeSize of a character string in current font
varianceVariance computation, usable in both S-PLUS and R
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