Man pages for imagefx
Extract Features from Images

amp.sigAmplify Time Varying Signals in Video
blob.extractExtract Blob Region from Image (Matrix)
blob.statsBlob Statistics from Erebus Volcano, Antarctica
build.gausBuild 2D Gaussian Image (Matrix)
calc.blob.statsCalculate Color and Spatial Statistics from Blob Region
cor.matCorrelate Matrix Rows
crop.imageCrop an Image
erebusImage of Erebus Volcano, Antarctica
erebus.40Image of Erebus Volcano, Antarctica
erebus.70Image of Erebus Volcano, Antarctica
erebus.90Image of Erebus Volcano, Antarctica
fftshiftShift Zero Frequency to Center
filt3dFilter Image (Matrix) with Mask via Convolution
fit3dFit a Plane to Image (Matrix) with SVD Example Image List Data
image2Plot Images (Matrices) with Intuitive Axes
pcorr3dPhase Correlation of Images
range01Scale Object Values Between Zero and One
run.avgPerform Running Average via Convolution
sakurajimaImage of Sakurajima Volcano, Japan
shift.vecShift Vector
sig.extractExtract Time-Series Signal from Video Data
tux1Image of Tux
tux2Image of Tux
xcorr3dNormalized Cross Correlation of Images
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