Man pages for imagerExtra
Extra Image Processing Library Based on 'imager'

BalanceSimplestBalance color of image by Simplest Color Balance
DCTTwo Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transformation and Inverse...
DenoiseDCTdenoise image by DCT denoising
dogsPhotograph of a dog from GAHAG
EqualizePiecewiseEnhance contrast of image by Piecewise Affine Equalization
GetHuestore hue of color image
Grayscalecompute average of RGB channels
imagerExtraimagerExtra: Extra Image Processing Library Based on Imager
OCROptical Character Recognition with tesseract
papersPhotograph of a paper
RestoreHuerestore hue of color image
SPECorrect inhomogeneous background of image by solving Screened...
ThresholdAdaptiveLocal Adaptive Thresholding
ThresholdTriclassIterative Triclass Thresholding
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