imguR: An API Client Package

A complete API client for the image hosting service, including the an imgur graphics device, enabling the easy upload and sharing of plots.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorThomas J. Leeper [aut, cre], Aaron Statham [ctb], Yihui Xie [ctb]
Date of publication2016-03-29 11:55:23
MaintainerThomas J. Leeper <>

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Man pages

account: Retrieve user account details

account_albums: Retrieve user albums

account_comments: Retrieve user albums

account_favorites: Retrieve user favorites

account_gallery: User gallery profile

account_images: Retrieve user images

account_settings: Retrieve and modify account settings

add_album_images: Manage album images

add_gallery_images: Add gallery images

Authentication: Imgur API Authentication

block_sender: Block a user

create_album: Create album

create_comment: Create a comments

create_message: Create a comments

delete_album: Delete album

delete_comment: Delete a comment

delete_conversation: Delete conversation

delete_image: Delete image

favorite_album: Favorite album

favorite_image: Favorite image

get_album: Get album

get_comment: Get a comment

get_conversations: Get conversations

get_gallery: Get gallery

get_gallery_album: Get gallery album

get_gallery_image: Get gallery image

get_image: Get image

get_notifications: Get notifications

get_random_images: Get random images

get_reddit_gallery: Get gallery

get_reddit_image: Get reddit image

get_replies: Get replies

http: Workhorse HTTP functions

imguR: Initiate an Imgur-enabled Graphics Device

imgur_login: Login to Imgur

imgur_off: Close an Imgur-linked plotting device and upload image

imguR-package: Imgur API Client Package for R

mark_notification: Mark notification read

memes: Memes

plot: Plot Imgur image

rate_limit: API rate limits

remove_gallery_image: Remove gallery image

report_comment: Report a comment

report_gallery_image: Report a gallery image

report_sender: Report a user

search_gallery: Search gallery

update_album: Update album

update_image: Update image

upload_image: Upload an image file to Imgur

vote_comment: Vote on a comment


account Man page
account_album_count Man page
account_albums Man page
account_comment_count Man page
account_comments Man page
account_favorites Man page
account_gallery Man page
account_image_count Man page
account_images Man page
account_settings Man page
account_verified Man page
add_album_images Man page
add_gallery_images Man page
Authentication Man page
block_sender Man page
create_album Man page
create_comment Man page
create_message Man page
default_memes Man page
delete_album Man page
delete_comment Man page
delete_conversation Man page
delete_image Man page
favorite_album Man page
favorite_image Man page
get_album Man page
get_album_images Man page
get_comment Man page
get_conversations Man page
get_gallery Man page
get_gallery_album Man page
get_gallery_image Man page
get_image Man page
get_meme Man page
get_memes_gallery Man page
get_notifications Man page
get_random_images Man page
get_reddit_gallery Man page
get_reddit_image Man page
get_replies Man page
imgur Man page
imguR Man page
imgurDELETE Man page
imgurGET Man page
imgur_login Man page
imgur_off Man page
imguR-package Man page
imgurPOST Man page
imgurPUT Man page
imgur_upload Man page
imguRupload Man page
mark_notification Man page
plot.imgur_gallery_image Man page
plot.imgur_image Man page
rate_limit Man page
remove_album_images Man page
remove_gallery_image Man page
report_comment Man page
report_gallery_image Man page
report_sender Man page
search_gallery Man page
send_verification Man page
set_album_images Man page
update_album Man page
update_image Man page
upload_image Man page
vote_comment Man page


R/add_album_images.r R/get_reddit_image.r R/favorite_image.r R/http.r R/account_images.r R/delete_image.r R/remove_album_images.r R/favorite_album.r R/delete_album.r R/account_settings.r R/plot.r R/add_gallery_images.r R/account_verified.r R/imguR.R R/account_image_count.r R/set_album_images.r R/send_verification.r R/account_album_count.r R/update_album.r R/get_notifications.r R/report_sender.r R/rate_limit.r R/create_comment.r R/get_memes_gallery.r R/account_gallery.r R/create_message.r R/get_replies.r R/update_image.r R/get_gallery_album.r R/onLoad.r R/imgur_login.r R/block_sender.r R/get_image.r R/remove_gallery_image.r R/delete_comment.r R/account_comments.r R/account_comment_count.r R/report_comment.r R/get_meme.r R/default_memes.r R/get_album.r R/account_favorites.r R/get_gallery.r R/upload_image.R R/get_gallery_images.r R/mark_notification.r R/get_conversations.r R/get_reddit_gallery.r R/search_gallery.r R/account_albums.r R/vote_comment.r R/get_album_images.r R/get_comment.r R/delete_conversation.r R/report_gallery_image.r R/get_random_images.r R/create_album.r R/account.r
man/imgur_off.Rd man/get_replies.Rd man/update_album.Rd man/imguR-package.Rd man/report_gallery_image.Rd man/delete_album.Rd man/Authentication.Rd man/http.Rd man/get_gallery.Rd man/get_reddit_image.Rd man/mark_notification.Rd man/create_message.Rd man/favorite_image.Rd man/account_albums.Rd man/rate_limit.Rd man/account.Rd man/add_album_images.Rd man/get_gallery_image.Rd man/imguR.Rd man/get_album.Rd man/vote_comment.Rd man/report_comment.Rd man/account_images.Rd man/search_gallery.Rd man/account_settings.Rd man/get_comment.Rd man/delete_conversation.Rd man/get_random_images.Rd man/favorite_album.Rd man/create_comment.Rd man/account_gallery.Rd man/memes.Rd man/get_image.Rd man/upload_image.Rd man/create_album.Rd man/report_sender.Rd man/delete_image.Rd man/get_conversations.Rd man/imgur_login.Rd man/plot.Rd man/remove_gallery_image.Rd man/delete_comment.Rd man/account_favorites.Rd man/get_reddit_gallery.Rd man/get_gallery_album.Rd man/account_comments.Rd man/get_notifications.Rd man/block_sender.Rd man/add_gallery_images.Rd man/update_image.Rd

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