Man pages for imgw
Polish Meteorological and Hydrological Data

clean_metadata_hydroHydrological metadata cleaning
clean_metadata_meteoMeteorological metadata cleaning
hydroHydrological data from IMGW
hydro_abbrevDefinitions of hydrological parameters used for shortening...
hydro_annualSemi-annual and annual hydrological data
hydro_dailyDaily hydrological data
hydro_metadataHydrological metadata
hydro_monthlyMonthly hydrological data
hydro_shorteningShortening column names for hydrological variables
hydro_stationsLocation of the hydrological stations
imgw-packageimgw: Polish Meteorological and Hydrological Data
meteoMeteorological data from IMGW
meteo_abbrevDefinitions of meteorological parameters used for shortening...
meteo_dailyDaily meteorological data
meteo_hourlyHourly meteorological data
meteo_metadataMeteorological metadata
meteo_monthlyMonthly meteorological data
meteo_shorteningShortening column names for meteorological variables
meteo_soundingSounding data
meteo_stationsLocation of the meteorological stations
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