Man pages for iml
Interpretable Machine Learning

calculate.ale.catCompute ALE for 1 categorical feature
calculate.ale.numCompute ALE for 1 numerical feature
calculate.ale.num.catCompute ALE for 2 features, one numerical, one categorical
calculate.ale.num.numCompute ALE for 2 numerical features
FeatureEffectEffect of features on the model predictions
FeatureImpFeature importance
iml-packageMake machine learning models and predictions interpretable
impute_cellsImpute missing cells of grid
InteractionFeature interactions
order_levelsOrder levels of a categorical features
PartialEffect of features on the model predictions (deprecated)
plot.FeatureEffectPlot FeatureEffect
plot.FeatureImpPlot Feature Importance
plot.InteractionPlot Interaction
plot.LocalModelPlot Local Model
plot.ShapleyPlot Shapley
plot.TreeSurrogatePlot Tree Surrogate
predict.LocalModelPredict LocalModel
PredictorPredictor object
predict.TreeSurrogatePredict Tree Surrogate
ShapleyPrediction explanations with game theory
TreeSurrogateDecision tree surrogate model
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