Man pages for imputeR
A General Multivariate Imputation Framework

CubistRCubist method for imputation
DetectDetect variable type in a data matrix
gbmCboosting tree for imputation
glmboostRBoosting for regression
guessImpute by (educated) guessing
imputeGeneral Imputation Framework in R
imputeR-packageimputeR-package description
lassoClogistic regression with lasso for imputation
lassoRLASSO for regression
majorMajority imputation for a vector
mixErrorCalculate mixed error when the imputed matrix is mixed type
mixGuessNaive imputation for mixed type data
mrcalculate miss-classification error
orderboxOrdered boxplot for a data matrix
parkinsonParkinsons Data Set
pcrRPrinciple component regression for imputation
plotImPlot function for imputation
plsRPartial Least Square regression for imputation
ridgeCRidge regression with lasso for imputation
ridgeRRidge shrinkage for regression
Rmsecalculate the RMSE or NRMSE
rpartCclassification tree for imputation
SimEvalEvaluate imputation performance by simulation
SimImIntroduce some missing values into a data matrix
spectSPECT Heart Data Set
stepBackCBest subset for classification (backward)
stepBackRBest subset (backward direction) for regression
stepBothCBest subset for classification (both direction)
stepBothRBest subset for regression (both direction)
stepForCBest subset for classification (forward direction)
stepForRBest subset (forward direction) for regression
ticInsurance Company Benchmark (COIL 2000) Data Set
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