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Time series of NH4 concentration in a wastewater system. Measured from 30.11.2010 - 16:10 to 01.01.2011 - 6:40 in 10 minute steps. This time series contains missing values. In the package included is also the tsNH4Complete time series providing the true values for the missing values.




Time Series (ts) with 4552 rows including 883 NAs.


The time series is derived from the dataset of the GECCO Industrial Challenge 2014.

In order to use this series for comparing imputation algorithm results, there are two time series provided. One series without missing values, which can be used as ground truth. Another series with NAs, on which the imputation algorithms can be applied. The NAs thereby were inserted according to patterns found in similar time series.

There are the two time series:

  • tsNH4 - The time series with NAs.

  • tsNH4Complete - Time series without NAs.



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