Man pages for imputeYn
Imputing the Last Largest Censored Observation(s) Under Weighted Least Squares

aft.kmweightComputing Kaplan-Meier Weights
aft.qpFiting Regularized Weighted Least Squares Method by Quadratic...
dataGenerating Survival Data from Log-normal AFT Model
imputeYnImputing the Censored Largest Datum Under Weighted Least...
imputeYn.extraImputing the Last Largest tied Observations with a new method
imputeYn-packageImputing the Last Largest Censored Observation(s) Under...
lss.modModified Least Squares Pricnciple for Solving the AFT Model
print.imputeYnPrinting the Important Components of the Class "imputeYn"
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