inTrees: Interpret Tree Ensembles

For tree ensembles such as random forests, regularized random forests and gradient boosted trees, this package provides functions for: extracting, measuring and pruning rules; selecting a compact rule set; summarizing rules into a learner; calculating frequent variable interactions; formatting rules in latex code.

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AuthorHoutao Deng
Date of publication2014-07-25 07:42:10
MaintainerHoutao Deng <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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applyLearner Man page
buildLearner Man page
computeRuleInfor Man page
dataSimulate Man page
dicretizeVector Man page
extractRules Man page
formatGBM Man page
GBM2List Man page
getFreqPattern Man page
getRuleMetric Man page
getTypeX Man page
lookupRule Man page
measureRule Man page
Num2Level Man page
presentRules Man page
pruneRule Man page
pruneSingleRule Man page
RF2List Man page
rule2Table Man page
ruleList2Exec Man page
selectRuleRRF Man page
singleRuleList2Exec Man page
sortRule Man page
treeVisit Man page
voteAllRules Man page

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