Man pages for incadata
Recognize and Handle Data in Formats Used by Swedish Cancer Centers

as.DatesConverting potential date to Date vector
as.incadataIdentify data formats used by INCA and Rockan
as_numericTest object for, or coerce to, numeric
best_matchTries to correct misspelling of character string
clean_textClean/standardize text
create_s3_methodTemplate functions to generate basic S3 methods for new...
cut.integerConvert integer vector to Factor
documentsDownload and possibly open INCA documentation
dplyr_methodsdplyr methods for INCA data
exceed_thresholdCheck if transformation/coercing of a vector is good enough
ex_dataSynthetic example data from INCA
exportrDump script together with functions from required packages
find_documentsList URLS to documents for a register
find_linksFind links from web page
find_registerFind register by name
idAdd id variables to data frame
is.incaCheck if R is running from INCA
is.incalogicalCoerce to logical if value is logical according to INCA
is.scalar_inTest if scalar is in interval
is.wholenumberTest if a numeric vector consists of whole numbers
lownamesMake all names in data.frame lower case
ltLead time from one date to another
next_methodFunction to create methods for generics
psumParallel sum
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
specify_missingSpecify missing values for a vector
use_incadataUse incadata from file or dataframe df
widthCalculate the width of the range of x
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