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Tidy Statistical Inference

calculateCalculate summary statistics
chisq_statTidy chi-squared test statistic
chisq_testTidy chi-squared test
deprecatedDeprecated functions and objects
generateGenerate resamples, permutations, or simulations
get_confidence_intervalCompute confidence interval
get_p_valueCompute p-value
gssSubset of data from the General Social Survey (GSS).
hypothesizeDeclare a null hypothesis
inferinfer: a grammar for statistical inference
print.inferPrint methods
prop_testTidy proportion test
rep_sample_nPerform repeated sampling
shade_confidence_intervalAdd information about confidence interval
shade_p_valueAdd information about p-value region(s)
specifySpecify response and explanatory variables
t_statTidy t-test statistic
t_testTidy t-test
visualizeVisualize statistical inference
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