Man pages for inferference
Methods for Causal Inference with Interference

diagnose_weightsPlot histograms of weights from an interference object
direct_effectRetreive Direct Effect estimates
get_argsGet arguments from a function
indirect_effectRetreive Indirect Effect estimates
inferferenceMethods for causal inference with interference
interferenceEstimate Causal Effects in presence of interference
logit_integrandDefault integrand for the group-level propensity score
log_likelihoodLog Likelihood
overall_effectRetrieve Overall Effect Estimates
print.interferencePrints a summary of an interference object
score_calcCompute scores for a single group
score_matrixCalculate matrix of log Likelihood derivatives
total_effectRetrieve Total Effect estimates
vaccinesimVaccine Study Sample Data
votersVoting Contagion Experiment Data
wght_calcCompute IPW weight
wght_deriv_arrayCreate an array of group weight derivatives
wght_deriv_calcCompute the derivative(s) of a weight
wght_matrixCreates a number of groups by number of allocation schemes...
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