Man pages for influxdbr
R Interface to InfluxDB

check_srv_commmethod to check the server communication results function is...
create_databaseInflux database management
create_userInflux authentication and authorization
get_precision_divisormethod to transform precision divisor function is not...
httr_GETmethod send the httr::GET command function is not exported
httr_POSTmethod send the httr::POST command function is not exported
influx_connectionCreate an influxdb_connection object
influxdbr'influxdbr' package
influx_pingPing an influxdb server
influx_postsend POST to an InfluxDB server
influx_queryQuery an InfluxDB server
influx_selectinflux select helper
influx_writeWrite an xts or data.frame object to an InfluxDB server
show_databasesInflux schema exploration
show_diagnosticsShow diagnostics
show_statsShow stats
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