Man pages for infoDecompuTE
Information Decomposition of Two-Phase Experiments

adjustEffectNamesAdjust the Effects' Names
adjustMissingLevelsAdjust the Missing Levels
getCoefVCGet Variance Components' Coefficients and Mean Squares for...
getEffFactorConstruct the Matrix from Information Decomposition and...
getFixedEFGet the Fixed Components' coefficients and Efficiency Factors...
getTrtCoefGet the Treatment Coefficients
getTrtRepCalculate the Treatment Replication number
getVMatGet the Variance Matrices for Sngle-Phase or Two-Phase...
identityMatIdentity Matrix
infoDecompMatConstruct the Matrix from Information Decomposition
infoDecompuTE-packageInformation Decomposition of Two-phase Experiments
invInfMatInvert the Information Matrix
JIdentity Matrix Minus Averging Matrix
KAveraging Matrix
makeBlkDesMatConstruct Block Design Matrix
makeContrMatMake Contrast Matrix
makeOrthProjectorsConstruct Orthogonal Projector Matrices
makeOverDesMatConstruct the Overall Treatment or Block design Matrix
projMatConstruct a Projection Matrix
summaryAovOnePhaseSummarize an Theoretical Analysis of Variance Model of...
summaryAovTwoPhaseSummarize an Theoretical Analysis of Variance Model of...
toLatexTableConvert the R output to Latex Table
trTrace of the Matrix
unityConstruct a unity vector
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