Man pages for informR
Sequence Statistics for Relational Event Models

atus80intInterval Events Subset of the American Time Use Survey
atus80ordOrdinal Events Subset of the American Time Use Survey
count.sformCount Sform Instances
gen.evlGenerate numeric categories of events.
gen.idGenerate Unique Id's for Events
gen.interceptsGenerate Baserate Statistics
gen.sformGenerates Sform Statistics from Event Sequences
gen.sformlistGenerate a list of S-form sequence statistics.
get.regposGet Positions of Events Within Regular Expression Match
glapplyGroup Level Apply
glb.sformlistGenerate a list of global S-form sequence statistics.
informR-packageR Tools for Creating Sequence Statistics
regmat.indRegular Expresstion Matrix Index
sf2nmsTranslate S-form Regular Expressions
sfl2slConvert an sformlist object to a statslist object
slbindCombine Statlist Arrays
slbind.condAdd ActorXEvent Conditional or Interaction Variables to a...
slbind.covAdd Covariates to a Statslist Array
sldropDrop S-form Statistics or Covariates from a Statslist Array
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