Man pages for ino
Initialization of Numerical Optimization

build_initialUnified function call for initial parameter specifications
f_ackleyAckley function
f_bealeBeale function
f_easomEasom function
filter_resultsFilter optimization results
f_ll_hmmLog-likelihood function of a Gaussian-hidden Markov model
f_ll_mnpLog-likelihood function of the (normally mixed) multinomial...
f_matyasMatyas function
hmm_inoExample application to HMM likelihood
ino-packageino: Initialization of Numerical Optimization
is_countCheck for proper count
is_index_vectorCheck for proper index vector
is_nameCheck for proper name
is_name_vectorCheck for proper name vector
is_numberCheck for proper number
is_proportionCheck for proper proportion
is_time_limitCheck for proper time limit
is_TRUE_FALSECheck for proper boolean
mixture_inoExample application to mixture likelihood
NopNop Object (R6 Class)
probit_inoExample application of to probit likelihood
sim_hmmSimulate a time series from a Gaussian-hidden Markov model
sim_mnpSimulate data from a (normally mixed) multinomial probit...
simplify_resultsSimplify optimization results
standardize_argumentStandardize argument
subset_argumentSubset argument
test_nopTest 'Nop' object
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