Man pages for insee
Tools to Easily Download Data from INSEE BDM Database

add_insee_metadataAdd metadata to the raw data
add_insee_titleAdd a title column to the idbank list dataset
clean_tableRemove columns filled only with NA (missing value)
get_column_titleGet the title of dataset's columns
get_dataset_listDownload a full INSEE's dataset list
get_idbank_listDownload a full INSEE's series key list
get_inseeGet data from INSEE BDM database with a SDMX query link
get_insee_datasetGet dataset from INSEE BDM database
get_insee_idbankGet data from INSEE series idbank
get_insee_titleGet title from INSEE series idbank
get_last_releaseGet the datasets released in the last 30 days
search_inseeSearch a pattern among insee datasets and idbanks
split_titleSplit the title column in several columns
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