Man pages for insol
Solar Radiation

aspectAspect or orientation of the slope
cgradNormal vector to every grid cell in a DEM
daydoyDates to day of the year
daylengthLength of daylight
degreesRadians to degrees
doshadeCast shadows
doydayDay of the year to date
eqtimeEquation of time
GCdistanceGreat circle distance
hillshadingIntensity of illumination over a surface
hourangleHour angle
insolationDirect and diffuse solar radiation.
insol-packageSolar Radiation
JDJulian Day from POSIXct
JDymdJulian Day from yyyy, mm, dd
meteoandesMountain meteorological data
normalvectorVector normal to surface
p2rhoAir pressure to density
radiansDegrees to radians
rh2shRelative humidity to specific humidity
slopeSlope of grid cells in a DEM
sunposAzimuth and zenith of the Sun
sunrEarth radius vector
sunvectorSolar vector
wvapsatSaturation pressure of water vapor
z2pAltitude to pressure
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