R package containing 2 functions dealing with installing and loading or simply loading packages. The function install_load checks the local R library(ies) to see if the required package(s) is/are installed or not. If the package(s) is/are not installed, then the package(s) will be installed along with the required dependency(ies). This function pulls source or binary packages from the Rstudio-sponsored CRAN mirror and/or the USGS GRAN Repository. Lastly, the chosen package(s) is/are loaded. The function load_package simply loads the provided packages.





# This will install, if not already installed, and load the package(s)


install_load("chron", "data.table", "dataRetrieval", "EGRET", "dplyr")

install_load("data.table", "ggplot2", "directlabels", "ggthemes", "scales", "GGally", "vioplot", "beanplot")

# Please note that any package dependency(ies) will also be installed, if not already installed, during the installation process for each package

# This will only load the package(s) assuming that it(they) has(have) already been installed


load_package("chron", "data.table", "dataRetrieval", "EGRET", "dplyr")

load_package("data.table", "ggplot2", "directlabels", "ggthemes", "scales", "GGally", "vioplot", "beanplot")

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