Man pages for intRvals
Analysis of Time-Ordered Event Data with Missed Observations

anova.intRvalsCompares model fits of 'intRvals' objects
estintervalEstimate interval model accounting for missed arrival...
foldFolds observed arrival intervals to a fundamental interval
fundamentalEstimate which intervals are fundamental
goosedropDataset with dropping intervals observed for foraging Brent...
interval2rateConversion of interval estimates to rates
intervalpdfProbability density function of an observed interval...
intervalsimSimulate a set of observed intervals
intRvals-packageAnalysing time-ordered event data with missed observations
loglikintervallog-likelihood of an observed interval distribution
partitionEstimate within-group variation
plot.intRvalsPlot an interval histogram and fit of intRvals object
print.anova.intRvalsprint method for class 'anova.intRvals'
print.intRvalsprint method for class 'intRvals'
print.summary.intRvalsprint method for class 'summary.intRvals'
summary.intRvalssummary method for class 'intRvals'
ttestStudent's t-test to compare two means of objects of class...
vartestF Test to compare two variances of objects of class...
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