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checkSetup will do some sanity checks on input data provided through object.


checkSetup(object, quiet = FALSE)



object, to be passed to preProcess, see intamap-package


logical; TRUE to suppress OK statement


checkSetup is a function that makes certain tests on the intamap object to make sure that it is suited for interpolation. Particularly, it will issue a warning or an error if one of the following conditions are met:

The function will issue a warning if it appears that predictionLocations and observations share a small region. This warning is given as it is a likely cause of errors, although it can also happen if predictionLocations are limited to one small cluster.


returns TRUE if check passes, will halt with error when some some error condition is met.


Edzer J. Pebesma


Pebesma, E., Cornford, D., Dubois, G., Heuvelink, G.B.M., Hristopulos, D., Pilz, J., Stohlker, U., Morin, G., Skoien, J.O. INTAMAP: The design and implementation f an interoperable automated interpolation Web Service. Computers and Geosciences 37 (3), 2011.

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