Man pages for interp
Interpolation Methods

arcsExtract a list of arcs from a triangulation object.
areaExtract a list of triangle areas from a triangulation object.
circlesAdd circles to a plot
convex.hullReturn the convex hull of a triangulation object
franke.dataTest datasets from Franke for interpolation of scattered data
identify.triIdentify points in a triangulation plot
interpInterpolation function
interppPointwise interpolate irregular gridded data
interp-packageInterpolation of data
locpolyLocal polynomial fit.
nearest.neighboursNearest neighbour structure for a data set
onDetermines if a point is on or left of the vector described...
on.convex.hullDetermines if points are on or in the convex hull of a...
outer.convhullVersion of outer which operates only in a convex hull
plot.triShtPlot a triangulation object
plot.voronoiPlot a voronoi object
plot.voronoi.polygonsplots an voronoi.polygons object
print.summary.triShtPrint a summary of a triangulation object
print.summary.voronoiPrint a summary of a voronoi object
print.triShtPrint a triangulation object
print.voronoiPrint a voronoi object
summary.triShtReturn a summary of a triangulation object
summary.voronoiReturn a summary of a voronoi object
trianglesExtract a list of triangles from a triangulation object
tri.findLocate a point in a triangulation
tri.meshDelaunay triangulation
triShtA triangulation object
voronoiVoronoi object
voronoi.areaCalculate area of Voronoi polygons
voronoi.findrejectsitesFind the Voronoi sites at the border of the region (to be...
voronoi.mosaicVoronoi mosaic
voronoi.polygonsextract polygons from a voronoi mosaic
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