Man pages for inti
Tools and Statistical Procedures in Plant Science

create_rticlesRticles template
fieldbook_designField book experimental designs
fieldbook_mvrMultivariate Analysis
fieldbook_plexFieldbook plan information
fieldbook_reportFieldbook report
fieldbook_reshapeFieldbook reshape
fieldbook_summaryFieldbook summary
fieldbook_varlistFieldbook variable list
footnotesTable footnote
H2calHeritability in plant breeding
include_figureFigure with caption and notes
include_tableTable with footnotes
info_figureFigure information
info_tableTable information
jc_tombolaJournal Club Tombola
mean_comparisonMean comparison using data frames
means_lmMean comparison
metamorphosisTransform data frame based in a dictionary
outliers_removeRemove outliers
plot_designFieldbook plot experimental designs
plot_diagDiagnostic plots
plot_smrPlot summary data
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rticlesBuild markdown o bookdown template
tarpuyFieldbook experimental designs
web_tableHTML tables for markdown documents
yupanaInteractive data analysis
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