Man pages for ipft
Indoor Positioning Fingerprinting Toolset

ipfClusterCreates clusters using the specified method
ipfDistanceDistance function
ipfEstimateEstimates the location of the test observations
ipfEstimateBeaconPositionsEstimates the positions of the emitter beacons
ipfGroupCreates groups based on the specified parameters
ipfKnnImplements the k-nearest neighbors algorithm
ipfPlotEcdfPlots the cumulative distribution function of the estimated...
ipfPlotEstimationPlots the estimated locations
ipfPlotLocationPlots the spatial location of the observations
ipfPlotPdfPlots the probability density function of the estimated error
ipfProbabilisticThis function implements a probabilistic algorithm
ipfProximityEstimates the position of the observations from its...
ipfpwapIndoor localization data set with the positions of the...
ipfRMIDEstimates the inherent difficulty of the radio map
ipftestIndoor localization test data set to test Indoor Positioning...
ipftrainIndoor localization training data set to test Indoor...
ipfTransformTransform function
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