Man pages for irtrees
Estimation of Tree-Based Item Response Models

dendrifyMeasurement Mapping for an IRTree Model
exogenizeStructural Mapping for an IRTree Model
graph2mxConvert a tree to a mapping matrix
irtrees.packageEstimation of Tree-Based Item Response Models
linlatExample Data: Sequential-Order Latent Variable Models
linrespExample Data: Linear Hierarchical Categories
LtoL_multi.treeLong-to-long, multiple trees
LtoL_single.treeLong-to-long, single tree
LtoW_multi.treeLong-to-wide, multiple trees
LtoW_single.treeLong-to-wide, single tree
neslatExample Data: Nested Hierarchical Categories
nesrespExample Data: Nested Hierarchical Latent Variables
tolongConvert a wide-format matrix to long format
VerbAgg2Verbal Aggression Data, Dichotomized Items
VerbAgg3Verbal Aggression Data, Three-Category Items
WtoL_multi.treeWide-to-long, multiple trees
WtoL_single.treeWide-to-long, one tree
WtoW_multi.treeWide-to-wide, multiple trees
WtoW_single.treeWide-to-wide, one tree
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