Man pages for ismev
An Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extreme Values

dowjonesDaily Closing Prices of The Dow Jones Index
engineEngine Failure Time Data
euroexUK/Euro Exchange Rates
exchangeUK/US and UK/Canada Exchange Rates
fremantleAnnual Maximum Sea Levels at Fremantle, Western Australia
gameSmooth Parameter Estimation and Bootstrapping of Generalized...
gev.diagDiagnostic Plots for GEV Models
gev.fitMaximum-likelihood Fitting of the GEV Distribution
gev.profProfile Log-likelihoods for Stationary GEV Models
glassBreaking Strengths of Glass Fibres
gpd.diagDiagnostic Plots for GPD Models
gpd.fitMaximum-likelihood Fitting for the GPD Model
gpd.fitrangeFitting the GPD Model Over a Range of Thresholds
gpd.profProfile Log-likelihoods for Stationary GPD Models
gum.diagDiagnostic Plots for Gumbel Models
gum.fitMaximum-likelihood Fitting of the Gumbel Distribution
ismevismev - an Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extreme...
ismev-internalInternal Functions
mrl.plotMean Residual Life Plot
portpirieAnnual Maximum Sea Levels at Port Pirie, South Australia
pp.diagDiagnostic Plots for Point Process Models
pp.fitMaximum-likelihood Fitting for the Point Process Model
pp.fitrangeFitting the Point Process Model Over a Range of Thresholds
rainDaily Rainfall Accumulations in South-West England
rlarg.diagDiagnostic Plots for Order Statistics Models
rlarg.fitMaximum-likelihood Fitting of Order Statistics Model
veniceVenice Sea Levels
wavesurgeWave and Surge Heights in South-West England
windAnnual Maximum Wind Speeds at Albany and Hartford
woosterMinimum Temperatures at Wooster, Ohio
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