Man pages for isocir
Isotonic Inference for Circular Data

ACOAggregation of Circular Orders
cirdataRandom Circular Data.
CIRECircular Isotonic Regresssion Estimator
cirgenesA set of angular measurements from cell-cycle experiments...
cirKendallCircular Kendall's Tau
CLMCircular Local Minimization
cond.testConditional Test for Contrasting Circular Order
datareplicRandom Circular Data with Replications.
eq.testTest of Equality of Circular Orders
isocirS3 Objects of Class isocir.
isocir-packageIsotonic Inference with Circular data.
mcirktauMean Circular Kendall's Tau.
mrlMean Resultant Length
msceMean Sum of Circular Errors.
plot.isocirS3 Method to Plot S3 Objects of Class isocir
sceSum of Circular Error
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