Man pages for isotone
Active Set and Generalized PAVA for Isotone Optimization

activeSetActive Set Methods for Isotone Optimization
aSolverAsymmetric Least Squares
dSolverAbsolute Value Norm
eSolverL1 approximation
fSolverUser-Specified Loss Function
gpavaGeneralized Pooled-Adjacent-Violators Algorithm (PAVA)
hSolverHuber Loss Function
iSolverSILF Loss
lfSolverGeneral Least Squares Loss Function
lsSolverLeast Squares Loss Function
mendotaNumber of freezing days at Lake Mendota
mregnnRegression with Linear Inequality Restrictions on Predicted...
mSolverChebyshev norm
oSolverLp norm
pituitarySize of pituitary fissue
posturoRepeated posturographic measures
pSolverQuantile Regression
sSolverNegative Poisson Log-Likelihood
weighted.fractileWeighted Median
weighted.medianWeighted Median
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