Man pages for ivregEX
Create Independent Evidence in IV Analyses and Do Sensitivity Analysis in Regression and IV Analysis

coeftestIVCoefficient test of output of ivreg.EX.
get_nrncFind the grid structure in plotting
ivreg.EXConstructing independent evidence (EX estimates) in an IV...
ivregEX-packageCreate Independent Evidence in IV Analyses and Do Sensitivity... the Two Stage Least Squared Estimates and EX estimates
plot_confregionPlot Confidence Region
plot.ivregDecisionPlotting an object of class 'ivregDecision' or...
plot.sensIvregEXPlotting of Sensitivity Analyses
plot.siPlot Insensitive Region
print.ivregDecisionPrinting object of class "ivregDecision"
print.siPrinting object of class "si"
sens2SLSSensitivity Interval for Two Stage Least Squared Regression
sensEXSensitivity Interval for Secondary EX Estimator
sensIvregSensitivity analysis in instrumental variables regression...
senslmSensitivity analysis of a least squared regression estimator
sensOLSSensitivity Interval for Least Squared Estimator
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