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Instrumental Variables

ahFitting semiparametric additive hazards regression models.
confint.ivmodConfidence interval
estfunComputes the estimating function sum for '"ivmod"' objects,...
ivahInstrumental variable estimation of the causal exposure...
ivboundsBounds for counterfactual outcome probabilities in...
ivcoxphInstrumental variable estimation of the causal exposure...
ivglmInstrumental variable estimation of the causal exposure...
plot.estfunPlots sums of estimating functions.
plot.ivahPlots result of G-estimation in causal AH model.
print.ivmodPrints output of instrumental variable estimation
print.summary.ivboundsPrints summary of instrumental variable bounds
print.summary.ivmodPrints summary of instrumental variable estimation
summary.ivboundsSummarizes instrumental variable estimation
summary.ivmodSummarizes instrumental variable estimation
VitDData from a cohort study on Vitamin D and mortality.
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