nip_37_data: NIPS word count dataset

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This NIPS Conference Papers 1987-2015 Data set is avaiable at UCI Machine Learning Repository. The original dataset is in the form of a 11463 x 5812 matrix of word counts (11463 words and 5812 conference papers) Due to the size of the original dataset, it is preprocessed and reduced to a list of two matrices (2900 x 37 and 2911 x 37) The dataset consists of two tasks (early (up to 2006) and recent (after 2006) NIPS conference papers) with 37 words




a list of two nonnegative integer matrices (1:2900, 1:37) and (1:2911,1:37) Columns are named with year_paperid and rows are names with word name


'Poisson Random Fields for Dynamic Feature Models'. Perrone V., Jenkins P. A., Spano D., Teh Y. W. (2016)

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