Man pages for jmcm
Joint Mean-Covariance Models using 'Armadillo' and S4

acd_estimationFit Joint Mean-Covariance Models based on ACD
aidsAids Data
bootcurvePlot Fitted Curves and Corresponding Confidence Interval...
cattleCattle Data
getJMCMExtract or Get Generalized Components from a Fitted Joint...
hpc_estimationFit Joint Mean-Covariance Models based on HPC
jmcmFit Joint Mean-Covariance Models
jmcmControlControl of Joint Mean Covariance Model Fitting
jmcmMod-classClass "jmcmMod" of Fitted Joint Mean-Covariance Models.
mcd_estimationFit Joint Mean-Covariance Models based on MCD
meanplotPlot Fitted Mean Curves
modularModular Functions for Joint Mean Covariance Model Fits
regressogramPlot Sample Regressograms and Fitted Curves
show-jmcmMod-methodPrint information for jmcmMod-class
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