Man pages for jmdem
Fitting Joint Mean and Dispersion Effects Models

anova.jmdemAnalysis of Deviance for Joint Mean and Dispersion Effect...
jmdemFitting Joint Mean and Dispersion Effects Models
jmdem.controlAuxiliary for Controlling JMDEM Fitting
jmdem.simSimulate joint mean and dispersion effects models fits
jmdem.summariesAccessing Joint Mean and Dispersion Effect Model Fits
model.matrix.jmdemConstruct Design Matrices
predict.jmdemPredict Method for JMDEM Fits
score.jmdemAsymptotic tests for fits of joint mean and dispersion...
stat.anova.jmdemJMDEM Anova Statistics
summary.jmdemSummarising Joint Mean and Dispersion Effects Model Fits
summary.jmdem.simSummarising JMDEM Simulations
update.jmdemUpdate and Re-fit a JMDEM Call
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