Man pages for jmvcore
Dependencies for the 'jamovi' Framework

Analysisthe jmvcore Object classes
canBeNumericDetermines whether an object is or can be converted to...
Cell.BEGIN_GROUPConstants to specify formatting of Table cells
colorPaletteA function that creates a color palette
composeFormulaCompose a formula string
constructFormulaConstruct a formula string
createCreate an analysis
decomposeFormulaDecompose a formula
decomposeTermCompose and decompose interaction terms to and from their...
dot-Designate string as translated
dot-.Designate string as client-side translated
extractErrorMessageExtracts the error message from an error object
formatFormat a string with arguments
isErrorDetermine if an object is an error
marshalDataMarshal the data from an environment into a data frame
marshalFormulaMarshal a formula into options
matchSetDetermines the index where an item appears
naOmitremove missing values from a data frame listwise
NoticeTypeDifferent notice levels
OptionsThe jmv Options classes
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rejectCreate and throw errors
resolveQuoEvaluates a quosure This is intended for use by classes...
selectCreate a new data frame with only the selected columns
sourcifyConverts basic R object into their source representation
startsWithTest whether strings start or end with a particular string
stringifyTermConverts a term into a string
theme_defaultCreates the default jmv ggplot2 theme
theme_hadleyCreates the hadley jmv ggplot2 theme
theme_minCreates the minimal jmv ggplot2 theme
theme_spssCreates the spss jmv ggplot2 theme
toB64Convert names to and from Base64 encoding
toNumericConverts a vector of values to numeric
tryNaNtry an expression, and return NaN on failure
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