Man pages for jrc
Exchange Commands Between R and 'JavaScript'

allowDirectoriesAllow server to access files in a directory
allowFunctionsAllow function calls without authorization
allowVariablesAllow variable assignment without authorization
AppApp class
authorizeAuthorize further message processing
callFunctionTrigger a function call
closePageStop server
closeSessionClose one or several client sessions
getMessageIdsGet IDs of all stored messages
getPageGet the currently running app
getPortGet number of the port on which the local server is running
getSessionGet a session
getSessionIdsGet IDs of all active sessions
getSessionVariableGet a variable from a client session environment
openPageCreate a server
removeMessageRemoves a stored message
removeSessionVariablesRemove variables from a client session environment
sendCommandSend a command to a web page
sendDataSend data to a web page
sendHTMLSend HTML to a web page
SessionSession class
setEnvironmentSet Environment
setLimitsSet security limits
setSessionVariablesAdds variables to a session environment
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