Man pages for kSamples
K-Sample Rank Tests and their Combinations

ad.pvalP-Value for the Asymptotic Anderson-Darling Test Distribution
ad.testAnderson-Darling k-Sample Test
ad.test.combinedCombined Anderson-Darling k-Sample Tests
contingency2xtKruskal-Wallis Test for the 2 x t Contingency Table
contingency2xt.combCombined Kruskal-Wallis Tests for the 2 x t Contingency...
convConvolution of Two Discrete Distributions
jt.distNull Distribution of the Jonckheere-Terpstra k-Sample Test...
jt.testJonckheere-Terpstra k-Sample Test for Increasing Alternatives
kSamples-packageThe Package kSamples Contains Several Nonparametric K-Sample...
pp.kSamplesUpper Tail Probability Plots for Objects of Class kSamples
qn.testRank Score k-Sample Tests
qn.test.combinedCombined Rank Score k-Sample Tests
ShorelineFireEMSShoreline Fire and EMS Turnout Times
SteelConfIntSimultaneous Confidence Bounds Based on Steel's Multiple...
Steel.testSteel's Multiple Comparison Wilcoxon Tests
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